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  1. Hi
    Thank you for the website. I've been looking for a reliable archive for Myanmar ebooks for a long time.
    I noticed that the "turn off ad block" pop up always appear even when I opened the link with a browser where no ad block was installed. Just wondering what went wrong.
    Much Thanks.

  2. Thank You so much for making the easiest way to read the old books like this way. Also everyday I came this website to look for the books. Hope you guys are healthy and strong during this hardest time. If u don't mind I want to request one book. Sir NYI PU LAY's "La Min yet Cho Thar Thaw Let Khote Tan". I want to read that book since two years ago. If you guys help me, I would be so happy.

    Best Regards
    Si Thu Lin

    1. အဲဒီစာအုပ်က pdf ကိုမတွေ့သေးပါဘူးဗျ.. ကျနော်တို့က pdf ရှိပပြီးသားကိုဘဲ.. အခြား Format တွေ ပြောင်းပေးတာပါဗျ..